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James Fawks

Fixed-Budget MVP

Take your product idea to the market fast with a quality MVP (Minimal Viable Product) that will attract early adopters for as little as $5,000 to $60,000 in just 1 to 3 months.

  • Cost Effective
  • Rapid Development
  • Core Features
  • Early Customer Acquisition
  • Gather Critical User Feedback
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Save Money With Hugo

Having a basic website on WordPress wastes thousands yearly in maintenance and hosting fees that could be used elsewhere for your business.

  • Hosting is cheaper and sometimes free
  • Don't have a database to hack
  • Better user experience with a faster website
  • No more software and plugin updates to worry about
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Software Consulting

With two decades of experience as a software engineer working for enterprises and startups, I can answer your questions and help you solve your software problems.

  • Discuss your app idea and plan for what you might need
  • Give you an introduction to the app development process
  • Help review contracts to ensure your app is built the way you want
  • Review code for security and compliance issues
  • Make sure all features work correctly before you sign off on a contract
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See what my clients are saying about my work.

“Great experience working with James. Excellent communication skills and understanding of his domain. He quickly diagnosed and resolved an issue that two previous Upwork contractors were unable to resolve.”

Upwork Client

“James was professional, remained in communication, was able to meet with clients, and demonstrated flexibility in his solutions. My project benefited greatly from his participation, and I feel lucky that I found such a knowledgeable resource! Would hire again.”

Upwork Client

“I had been looking for a developer to work with for a couple year before I found James Fawks. It is very refreshing for me to work with someone that does what they say they will while also bringing additional value with insights into the industry of software development and also business development in general. He has taken the time to get to know both my business and my needs as a business owner, and addressed them to beyond expectations. Highly recommended.”

Jim Lowry
The Boaters App

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Personal Website

I decided to revamp my website since my freelancing career has started to pick up. The site gives me a more professional outlet to showcase my talents and recent projects and host my blog.
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    Photoprivy is a private social media app for parents to share their children’s photos privately and securely with the people they trust.

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